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Signal, Image, Video and Applications
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Information on forthcoming conferences is relatively scattered. Some endeavour to gather conference data. SIVA Conferences is one of them. You will find some other sources below.

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Conferences and Societies Abbreviations and Acronyms

Abbrev. Full name
CVPR IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
DCC Data Compression Conference
ECCV European Conference on Computer Vision
GRETSI Groupement de Recherche et d'Étude en Traitement du Signal
ICASSP IEEE International Conference of Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing
ICIP IEEE International Conference on Image Processing
PCS Picture Coding Symposium
PCSJ Picture Coding Symposium of Japan
RTCLF Réunion des Théoriciens des Circuits de Langue Française
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
NOBIM Norsk forening for bildebehandling og monsterjenkjenning (Norwegian Society for Image Processing and Pattern Recognition)
SPIE International Society for Optical Engineering (form. Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers)
SSBA Svenska Sällskapet för automatiserad bildanalys (Swedish Society for Automated Image Analysis)